Monetize every last user

Get maximal impact from your mobile advertising campaigns with our optimized video- and native ads. Apps of all builds fit our comprehensive monetization solutions, crafted to help publishers strike a perfect balance between efficient monetization and positive user experience.

  • Payouts + adverts

    Reliable Payouts

    Directly collaborating with a large number of partners across the globe requires a steady payment schedule across multiple billing platforms. MobAir delivers exactly that, providing flexible terms along with a multitude of payment methods for all kinds of enterprises.
  • 100% fill rate

    Complete Monetization

    Profit from 100% of your traffic. With global filler campaigns for remnant traffic, we make sure every last bit your traffic generates revenue.  
  • Support + global coverage

    Flexible Formats

    Ads come in all shapes and sizes to make your promotion as seamless and organic to user experience as possible.
  • Ad formats

    Easy Integration

    Integrate via API, JavaScript or Smartlink, with our tech support on hand to assist in any part of the process.
  • Integration

    Technology Powerhouse

    Optimization and analytics unified across devices and media channels will help you reach the right audience, engage them on a deeper level, and monetize the traffic.
  • Technology

    Global Coverage & Support

    Dedicated account managers across multiple time zones will guide you through the process so you get the best offers for your traffic. Analyzing the performance of each individual publisher allows us to deliver timely alerts and adjustments that maximize campaigns’ ROI.

Integration Options

Ad Formats

MobAir ad units are designed for your app. Our ads are built to be compatible with any architecture and designed to match the look and feel of their placements. See for yourself.

  • Video ads

    engage users on a deeper level than other formats, filling a major part of the screen with branded content, designed to convey a message and leave a lasting impression.

  • Native ads

    deliver a flawless, contextual, non-intrusive promotion, blending seamlessly with the source app's design & layout.

  • Javascript ad tag

    allows to pack and customize your ‘native’ ad inventory, providing control over the entire monetization process with no restrictions.

Video Native JS tag