Boost Your Popularity To The Stars

Any promotional campaign’s key objective is reaching the right audience, while a key acquisition goal is creating and maintaining a potential customer’s positive perception of the product. Appstellar brings balance between the two ideas. It enables publishers to maintain a flowing, non-intrusive user experience on their portals, while helping brands reach their target audience on mobile and scale their business.

Our native ads integrate smoothly into the user’s journey. They allow attracting pre-engaged audiences with highly targeted acquisition campaigns, making sure the quality of users meets all of the client’s KPIs.

Automatic Optimization Engine

Our smart optimization algorithms boost ROI by making beneficial adjustments to your campaigns 24/7. Coupled with customized ad formats and a wide choice of sources, the solution also increases users’ average engagement and retention rate.

Advanced Antifraud Technology

Mobile marketing is a rapidly developing industry, and as such it is vulnerable to fraudulent practices. To counteract that, we have built a heavy protection toolset that is able to track fake IPs, proxies and suspicious user behavior, preventing CPI fraud.

Deep Customer Engagement

Integrated ads engage customers on a deep level. They perform substantially better compared with other forms of advertising. Real-time user behavior data helps understand the motive behind each and every click, which allows tweaking the marketing funnel to maximum efficiency.

  • Transparent
    and secure advertising
  • 1000+ direct advertisers
  • Stellar
    ad placements
  • Customizable
    ad formats
  • 95/99% fill rate
  • Advanced behavioral