Leverage every mobile moment to engage users and maximize mobile revenues

App Boost

Our marketing strategies rapidly boost brands’ positions in app store rankings. We know exactly how to bring your application in front of a relevant audience. Taking into account the ever-growing number of organic installs, your eCPI will be efficiently lowered. Your brand’s constant presence in app store categories ensures a powerful organic jumpstart of engaged users, that allows scaling your business further.

User Acquisition

Lifetime value customer acquisition is the core objective that ensures an app’s success. Our mobile technology has worldwide coverage and is highly responsive to your acquisition needs. You are guaranteed to get quality mobile-web and in-app traffic from reputable publishers.


MobAir provides solutions that keep people coming back for more. Ads guided by user activity make sure the right offer brings back the attention of disengaged prospects. With the help of customizable mobile retargeting solutions, your users will easily turn into customers at any stage of their online journey.

Ad Formats

All currently known ways to seamlessly integrate all shapes and sizes of engaging ads into challenging architecture!